Times have sure changed in the Christian music scene. With new artists like Brandon Heath, Rush of Fools, and Lincoln Brewster topping the Christian Adult Contemporary charts recently, it may be easy to forget artists like 2nd Chapter of Acts, White Heart, and Leslie Phillips. In an effort to keep the past alive, here is an objective look back at the Christian music artists of the 1980’s. This is hardly a complete list of Christian music genres, but sampling some of these genres will give you a good taste of the great listening Christian music offers. Finding your favorite genre is important and will certainly enhance your experience. Being able to listen to your favorite Christian bands at home or on the go is a relaxing way to worship throughout the day. Christian hip hop, or gospel rap, is a unique genre of new Christian music. Due to the often sinful nature of mainstream rap lyrics, it has been a tough road for Christian rap artists to gain popularity. However, beginning in the 1990s Christian rap has become popular with the younger generation looking for an uplifting form of music that reflects their urban lifestyle. The most popular innovators among Christian hip hop artists would likely be DC Talk, who took the music scene by storm in the late 1980s before making a switch to a more pop sound in the mid 1990s. Christian hip hop is a fabulous way for Christians to spread their faith to kids from the street and other youth looking for a fresh music genre. Contemporary music literally covers all genres of new age Christian music, but is most commonly associated with a new movement of Christian music that has alternative rock, pop, and country sounds. The contemporary movement began in the 1960s, with this type of music then referred to as Jesus music. Some Christians dispute whether or not the contemporary tones fit into their religion, but contemporary is a popular genre that gives Protestant listeners an alternative faith based style of music. The growth of contemporary styles has been strong since the mid 1990s, and newer artists and subgenres help to continue the expansion of new Christian music. Make your wedding an experience to remember. Visit for more christian music wedding songs that you can use on the most memorable event of your life. Gaither, and his wife Gloria, have given back to the Contemporary Christian music industry in many ways. For one, they helped to prolong the careers of those who came before them. Mark Lowry, Sandi Patty, Carman, Steve Green, Amy Grant, are some of a long list of artists who either got their start or became popular while touring with the Gaithers. Learn from those who are already successful in the areas you want to excel. If it's a Christian musician, check out some of the legends who've been at this industry for years and keep moving forward! What is the hottest christian song out now in 2011? You know what, maybe I should ask if you have heard the hottest christian music news out here now? Well, if you have never heard of Rahn Anthoni, then clean your ears up and listen, because this man is definitely on my top list and he shol does know how to heal a soul and get your mind where it need to be, positive state of mind! A underground christian male singer out of Atlanta, Georgia, Rahn Anthoni is the guy that knows everyting is going to be alright. Taking one step at a time, the christian music news says that Rahn Anthoni's hit single "Hold On" will inspire hope in you and your life. Honestly speaking with his words that come strait from the soul, Rahn Anthoni has a real testimony and songs that tells a story. It should not be an option to just give up on yourself and your dreams. Every once in a while, it is o.k to listen to inspirational music like Rahn Anthoni's "Man on a Mission". The only reason why I keep bringing him up is because his music is a very inspirational part of my life at this moment. I am just trying to make you understand that there are some powerful christian music out here that can really change your entire outlook on your situation and it is o.k to give in and get that inspirational vitamin. Even though I absolutely love Rahn Anthoni's "Man on a Mission", I want to ask you something. Do you want courage and happiness? Yes, you could go to church, but if you do not have the time to go, then listen to some good christian music. Personal development is the rock to the foundation of marketing your gift in music. Communication skills, how you deal with people, willing to study and improve skills are a big part of personal development. The Contemporary Christian Music industry refers to this issue as "Artist Development". It will help in finding Christian instruction and overcoming devotionals on relationships,communicating with God and spiritual victory. Also shopping for Christian books,Christian music and gifts. We all probably know a couple religious hymns, but today's fast paced society is changing, and so is the style of music we listen to.New Christian music has developed tremendously over the last century to represent the changing style of music that we enjoy. Contemporary music offers up to date music styles with the same traditional Christian message within the lyrics. In fact, Contemporary Christian music is growing quickly in popularity, and so is the number of subgenres offered to those interested in listening. In this article we discuss a few of the newer genres in Christian music. If gospel music does not fill your sole with spirit, then I am not sure what can! Gospel music is uplifting, inspiring, and fun to listen to. When most think of gospel music, churches in the south come to mind. In fact, gospel music has been thought to have started during times of slavery in the late 1800s. The genre of gospel became more defined and gained popularity in the first quarter of the twentieth century, and is now listened to worldwide. Gospel music is known for its strong vocals surrounded by electric guitars, bass, and drums. Gospel music thrives today and is certainly considered a staple of Christian music.


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